Sunday, September 16, 2012

From Dillon, and Friends.

From Dillon, and Friends. 

Hellllllooooooo my people from High School.  Guess who??  You may have seen me around PG, You may be a friend of mine, or you may only know me as the star of this very blog. Either way, get ready because this is, believe it or not, the one, the only,  Dillon Hutchins!

I would like to first say that there is nothing illegal about this page, and no one will be getting hurt by anything said. 

I really wanted to save what I had to say for our first High School Reunion but honestly it couldn't wait. 

You're either wondering how on earth I got into this blog or just not believing it's actually me. 

Well, to start things off I'll let you know I recently was confronted by someone I hadn't talked to in a while. We made small talk, and then got the following message:  

"your gonna hate me by the end of this convo, but just some things I need to say? 
 It was me and ________ who wrote we love you pg. We definitely went over the top with some of the comments about you, Especially since you never did anything negative to either of us. It's just something I'm sorry for and should have never taken part of."

"I can't say I made a lot of mistakes in high school.. But I definitely consider some of the things I said in that blog big big mistakes."

This came on a very random day, at a very random time, from a VERY random person. 

The moment I saw those words I was immediately filled with a warmth I can't describe, and an overcoming feeling of forgiveness. Nothing had attempted to bring me down and hurt me like WeLoveYouPG had, and the person who tried to bring me that pain was right in front of me. I wonder if they expected me to be forgiving, or expected me to freak out and want revenge. Honestly I would have expected the second one from me. But I believe my Father in Heaven gave me the opportunity to learn a lesson about forgiveness and how to love one another. 

Now having access to the blog, I want to take a second to share a few things. 

First, I was shocked by the brutality and "want to hurt" of this blog, however I got a true look into how cruel people can be and how ready people are to try to rat out and hurt their friends and classmates when I read the inbox of this blog's Email. A lot of people made alias emails to use to talk dirt, but a few careless souls used their personal emails. Many friends told secrets about their personal friends! I couldn't believe it! I read further and further and saw name after name of people I would have called friends or would not have expected it from. 

One particular from a teammate of mine said
 "haha ohhh my i have never laughed so hard about dillon. 
its about time someone bashes some faggery on him. he is such a douche"

That one made me laugh to be honest, but it did clue me in to how quick someone you wouldn't expect will be to talk bad on you and do you dirty. 

Second, I was touched and felt the greatest joy when I saw emails from people who looked at things the way any of us should, with love and charity towards their fellow students and wanted to be the few who would stand up for good and those in need. There were many that comforted me personally when the blog came out, But until now I didn't know how many people would stand up for their friends, especially when no one was watching and even if it put them at risk to be the subject of ridicule.

When I was going through the Emails I was so hurt I that I had seen nothing positive, until I came across this:

"Do you have to gossip to have a more interesting life or get back at someone? Please delete the blog. High school is already hard enough it is trying to be who you are and figure out how you want to live your life. There is no need for other people to get involved and push you down. Everyone makes mistakes, and we know when we do. We don't need it announced for the everyone to see and make fun of us for it. Nobody really wants that. It's ugly, and we don't need it at our school. Dillon, for example, is an incredible kid. Everyone is so quick to judge and point fingers about everything in his life. First, its not yours or anyone else's business. Second, that's hypocritical. You're doing exactly what you hate him for. How does that make you any better than him? Who are you to ridicule or judge these people? 
I hate this blog.
You've done a great job of proving how truly ugly and cruel people can be. Please, stop."

Love, Kirsten Goodman

I really hope she doesn't mind that I shared this, but I would do anything for Kirsten after seeing this and want to let anyone I can know of how great of a girl she really is, especially when no one is watching. This is a perfect example of fantastic integrity, and I am incredibly grateful for her.

I also want to mention Brooklyn Wilson, Megan Jenkins, Kellee Jo, Allison Fairbanks, Courtney Sondrup, and Katie Coultin for being some of the few who wrote non anonymous emails standing up for the victims of this blog. 
If I missed anyone I sincerely apologize and thank you for standing up for us. 

Third, I want to let anyone victim of this blog know that you didn't deserve being talked about that way, and that you should know that if you haven't already, you can put this blog far behind you, and use it as something to learn from and become better because of it.
 I have gone through and deleted all of the past posts from the blog.  While doing so I decided to leave the post about me (but blocking anyone's name within the post) to keep as an example of how cruel people can be. With that I would like to apologize, from the very bottom of my heart, to anyone featured on the blog because of me. 

For the record and all its worth, Kimberly Dahl is a one in a million, absolutely gorgeous, talented girl. I got the pleasure of spending a lot of time with her in High School and got to know just how incredible she is. She never deserved to be featured on this blog and deserves to have the world know the truth about how strong and righteous she is with all she does, along with being a beautiful, powerful athlete. 

Also I couldn't go without mentioning my best friend, someone who would do anything for me, and has been more selfless and loving than many people I've ever encountered, Bekah Webster. Throughout High School she was an anchor for me to rely on, a shoulder for me to cry on, and a wonderful friend to have when you needed one most. Along with all this she is an incredible soccer player! With her scholarship to St. Andrews in North Carolina, I have seen her play intense games and prove herself over and over again to anyone who would doubt her ability. It hurt me to see her abused on this blog. It hurt knowing I provoked the problem and caused it to happen. But what I saw, is that it hurt her much worse to see me talked about like that and to watch people try to hurt someone she loved. 

Bekah Webster is one of my Angels. I love her very much, and she will always be very special to me.

Last, I would like to get a message across to anyone who thinks of starting a blog like this, or who supports anyone doing so. 

High school isn't easy for everyone, maybe even anyone. We each have trials and problems specifically made for us. I never had many struggles in my life, and the ones I did were usually brought upon by my own doing. But I know that God let a hurtful thing like this happen to me because I was able to handle it and He knew I needed to learn from it. I'm not saying I'm some strong being because I was able to shrug this off, but I thank the Lord that this happened to me, instead of someone who would have been cut deep by it. All over the America students are beaten, ridiculed, hurt, and absolutely abused so much that it causes severe depression, low self esteem, and a fear to come to school that is in no way deserved or should be tolerated. In many cases things like this can lead people to go so far as to end their life. I was no where close to that, but I can assure you there were, and still are, people at PGHS that would in no way be able to take this kind of damage and remain intact. I am very thankful for the opportunity to go through this, and be an example for anyone hurting. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but a gossiping blog written about you sucks way bad, and can ruin high school for you. 

I know that most of you know (or at least you should) that I was no gem in high school. I was a bad influence at times, and made many poor decisions. But to be honest, a lot of people did, including the people who wrote this blog. But it took this for me to learn, that we are all in this together, growing up, learning lessons, making friends, making decisions, setting goals, and finding happiness. At what point do you decide that the only way you can be happy is if you make someone hurt, or bring someone down to your level? When you do this, you decide to be less than yourself, and you are choosing to care about yourself more than the feelings and general happiness of the people around you. 

Be proud to be a loving person. Be proud to stand up for whats right. Be proud to comfort those who stand in need of comfort. Be proud to do what you know is right, especially when its hard or risks being put in the line of fire. High School is SO HUGE while your there, and although I've come to realize now how little it all matters. I realize that things that matter in High School feel very serious during that time of your life.  You need to know this type of thing can rock somebody's world to the point where they feel hopeless. Please, build each other up, help out a classmate, stand up for the right reasons, be somebody's hero. One random act of kindness at a time can save the world, but one hurtful act can destroy it.

I love all the friends and people who attended PGHS and shared it's timeless halls with me. Let's remember the good times. Let's remember the reasons that we had to get up every morning and smile while we were in those ridiculous 3 years of our life. 

To all my Vikings, family, and friends out there: Love one another, stay strong, keep and follow allllllllll those rules, don't stop believing, and we'll see you at the top. 

Love ya,

Dillon Scott Hutchins

and remember, We ARE friends, and now you know who. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

to dillion, and friends

      Hmmm... It would seem that most people aren't too happy with the fact that we aren't the actual "WeLoveYouPg"... whoop de doo, yup, thats right....We're not the "Unknown" girl that wrote about Pleasant Grove while actually attending another school (lone peak). Congrats... although... she actually did have a really good idea with the original blog, so what if we're copying it? Everyone copies everyone else. In fact, its called conformity, and it's a really popular thing in America.
    Dillion- We didn't "slam" on you in the first place, we actually didn't want to "slam" on anyone, just start the season of with a couple funny jokes about PG's sports programs. Lets start out with the minor stuff and work our way up shall we?....
    Early this year, Dillion Hutchins tried out for the most successful sports program in our entire school. Wrestling. It was bad enough that you were the joke of the wrestling team Dillon. What shape were you trying to get into?  I'm not exactly sure if there's even a shape for that. You'll know exactly what we're talking about if you've seen Dillon with his shirt have. we have.. And using Wrestling as an excuse to get ready for the LAX season? Really? You mean the entire 5 minutes of playing time you get in JV games?  Mikey Hassen does better than that. That's a really successful high school sporting career, Way to pull that all off.....
    And speaking of pulling things off, Anybody hear about Dillion and ___? Apparently, _____ and Dillon went on a date and Dillon decided that his penis was more important then his already diminished respect for decent, non-slutty, girls. When he started to get a little...frisky... and "pull off" ____ shirt, she shut him down completely, and ended things right there. That was the end of that relationship. Good job Dillon, way to ruin things with one of the only nice girls that you haven't corrupted yet.
Continuing on with Dillon's little... escapades of corrupting girls, and trying to get as much "necking and petting" out of them before he cuts all ties with them completely. Most of the girls were pretty cool, one of them had a full ride for soccer. And as for the other 7 girls...we won't mention their names at this time. In fact, the only reason you ever got involved with this blog in the first place is to defend the girl you dated for 2 years. But it's okay, we'd defend any girl too if it meant getting some physical benefits, and we think you (and half the school) knows what we mean by "physical benfits". We're being rather considerate by not saying any further details....
Not to mention... all the weed you hazzle down every day. We're sure everyone that's ever gone out to the parking lot during class time have seen you and all your pals flying high out in your car. Many of you have noticed Pleasant Groves new parking attendant checking on everyone's cars and giving out tickets. You can thanks Dillon's weed smoking habits for that. and we're positive all of this stuff makes you totally worthy to baptize your little brother. We bet you feel good about that... We also really hope they "call you on a mission".Well... "slam me again, do your worst". We did Dillon. Try and come back with something that we've done worse. None of those stupid empty bullying threats work at all, everyone knows that even James Barton could probably kick your A$$. And don't try to deny any of this, the whole school knows it's true. Ah well, at least your living it up unlike many High School students here in little.. Happy Utah Valley. After all, we are friends... you just don't know who.

Now... for the rest of Pleasant Grove. We really do love you. You ask for some REAL gossip? Well you'll get plenty later this week. We're done with endless bashing of each other. Send us some emails of real interest.